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East Killara Shopping Village
Shop 7, 50 Koola Avenue,
East Killara NSW 2071

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About Us

Our Mission

L Maestro is not your ordinary liquor store.

Our mission is to guide you on a journey of knowing and advancing your palate as you discover a vast range of products sourced both local and from across the world.

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We Choose

Every product is exclusively handpicked by our founder and sommelier giving you
the best value for your money, a unique range and an extensive selection of boutique wines,
beers and spirits that you will surely enjoy.

We Care

All our products have been carefully chosen to ensure they are made with minimal
intervention avoiding chemically made commercial products that can be harmful to you.

We Listen

As the saying goes.. 'Each To their own'. Each of us have different tastes and palates.
Let us know what you like, dislike and we will come up with the drink perfect for you!

Meet and Greet the Man Behind L Maestro

The shop was named after his nickname Maestro and Guru

Passionate and Knowledgeable

What our customers say about us

Hidden Gem

L Maestro really is an amazing independent wine store, thankfully not filled with main stream mass produced wines. Chris has such an extensive knowledge and passion which is really refreshing. Regardless of price, all of the wines he has recommended we have thoroughly enjoyed. We highly recommend you visit Chris and you may just learn a thing as well two as well as trying some new and amazing wines! Mike and Meredith


Simply the best bottle shop in Sydney. Fantastic selection of New & Old World wine, & great beers. Chris has incredible knowledge and half the fun is going there and trying something new.


Proof that there are still small, independent, interesting shops run by people who have a passion for what they do. Good wines at whatever your price point is. Guru Chris is always good for a chat, too - always seems genuinely interested to talk about wine and winemaking, and take some time to find something you'll like.

About the Owner

Knowledgeable and friendly. His hand curated stock is always amazing and always changing. I love coming in here every week and having a new selection of limited run beers available to take home and try. The owner is more than happy to help you with recommendations and to help define your individual palate. I wish I could give this place 10 stars.


Absolutely fantastic selection of imported beers and wines. The owners' knowledge about his products absolutely blew me away. Clean, tidy shop and definitely a place to go if you seek quality service and selection. Well done.